Machine components made of carbon and graphite

Our machine parts division produces components made of carbon and graphite for the automotive, electric household appliance and mechanical engineering industries. Our customers include manufacturers of compressors, vacuum pumps, pumps, sealing systems and sliding elements as well as companies specialised in the processing of semi-finished products and in injection moulding.

Our components are suitable for all applications which involve exacting requirements in terms of sliding properties, chemical and thermal resistance, resistance to thermal shock and corrosion, thermal conductivity and dimensional stability.

They are suitable for operating temperatures outside the permissible range for lubricants and under conditions which preclude contamination by lubricants.

  • Dynamic sealing elements and bearings for pumps and compressors (compressors, autoclaves and agitators, etc.)
  • Shut-off valves for dry-running rotary compressors and wet-running vane pumps
  • Components (high-performance graphite-filled plastic) for the production of pumps and apparatus equipment