Carbon brushes

Carbon brushes get their name from the bundles of thin copper wires that were used as elastic contacts in the early days of electrical machine engineering. The term "carbon brush" was coined during the transition period to materials based on graphite and carbon. Carbon brushes have undergone decades of advancement and still represent indispensable components for electrical machines and vehicles, even in the age of microelectronics.

Manufacturing parameters allow for wide variations in terms of physical characteristics and technical application performance. Materials are classified in the following main categories:

  • Electrographite brushes
  • Metal-graphite brushes
  • Resin-bonded graphite brushes
  • Carbon-graphite brushes
  • Natural graphite brushes

RC53, RC67, RC73, RC84, RC87, RC90, RC95, RS70, E33, RE12, RE170, RE28, RE54, RE59, RE60, RE75, RE80, RE92, RE95, RE98, RH67, RX88, RX91

Collector strips and collector shoes

The production of collector strips and collector shoes for railways, trams and trolleybuses rounds off our electrical application portfolio and represents one of our core competencies. Our special graphites combine electrical connectivity, excellent sliding properties and a long service life, making them ideal for use in railway applications.